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What promotional products to book on a budget?

Investing in promotional products requires a business to set aside some capital for the production and distribution of the items. However, there are several promotional products on a market that one can utilize for the benefit of their business. Let’s take a look at the top promotional products to use when your business is on a tight budget:

Custom satin stylus pen:

The branded satin stylus pens will never go out of style, and the customers are always too pleased to receive the stylus products in a bag. The custom satin stylus pens are sort of regular ballpoint pens with stylus integrated to the top of the pen. The manufacturing cost for the pen is £0.65, and you can certainly book a bulk order for the stylus pens without breaking the bank.


Keeping sanitizers in bag is a must; however, not everyone would be adamant on buying sanitizers unless they receive it for free. You can manufacture customized/branded sanitizers as promotional product tool, and the recipient of the product would be more than happy to receive the free sanitizer product and may consider becoming your customer in the long run.

Personalized nylon drawstring backpack:

Drawstring backpacks are certainly versatile, and they could be used for storage and carrying purposes. The cost per unit for the drawstring bags is $2, which is excellent for any budget-tight company.

Mints dispenser:

Mints are essential for anyone to freshen the taste and breathe of their mouth. If you have run out of ideas then, you can invest in mints dispensers with your brand emblem applied to it. The small-scale idea can benefit your business relatively in the future. The user can simply pop up the dispenser and take a mint.